Earnings that Trigger a Trial Work Period

During a trial work period, a beneficiary receiving Social Security disability benefits may test his or her ability to work and still be considered disabled. We do not consider services performed during the trial work period as showing that the disability has ended until services have been performed in at least 9 months (not necessarily consecutive) in a rolling 60-month period. In 2007, any month in which earnings exceed $640 is considered a month of services for an individual’s trial work period. In 2008, this monthly amount increases to $670.

Monthly earnings that trigger a trial work period Year Monthly earnings:
1978 & prior $50
1979-1989 75
1990-2000 200
2001 530
2002 560
2003 570
2004 580
2005 590
2006 620
2007 640
2008 670

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