Social Security Unveils Initiative To Automate Disability Claims

On Monday, the Social Security Administration announced plans to expand connectivity with health care providers in an effort to accelerate electronic disability claims processing, Government Health IT reports.

Virginia as a Model

In February, SSA launched an electronic disability claims system with MedVirginia, Virginia’s regional health information organization.

The two groups exchange information through the federal Connect gateway for linking to the National Health Information Network.

Building Up

Jim Borland, SSA’s special adviser for Health IT, said SSA hopes to build upon the MedVirginia initiative by connecting with other health care providers nationwide.

The project could help the agency convert its paper-based disability determination system into an automated process, which could save labor, money and time.

SSA plans to use money from the federal economic stimulus package to award contracts to:

  • Health care providers and specialists;
  • Medical organizations;
  • Health information exchanges; and
  • RHIOs.


On June 29, the agency posted a request for information on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site to measure interest in the initiative. Responses are due July 22.

The agency expects to publish a request for proposals Aug. 7 and could begin awarding contracts in January, Borland said (Mosquera, Government Health IT, 7/6).

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