Video Hearings at Social Security Increase Efficiency

 by Doug Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications

If you received a denial on your application for Social Security benefits, and appealed to an administrative law judge, you may consider conducting your hearing through our remote video service delivery (VSD). VSD allows judges to hear cases from applicants in any geographic area using video and sound equipment.  Although similar to Skype, our state-of-the-art technology produces a much higher quality video experience. The video hearing process is convenient, significantly reduces the government’s cost over traditional hearings, and could result in a quicker decision on your appeal.

Video hearings offer the same secure and confidential process that hearings conducted in-person provide. The judge has the same access to the applicant’s full Social Security file, including medical and educational records, as judges in the local office would. The procedure and development of the case is equal to in-person hearings, and the judge hears and considers the same testimony.

If you have a hearing pending with Social Security, you’ll receive a notice to schedule your case with a hearing office. You’ll have the choice of conducting your hearing through VSD, which may allow your hearing to occur sooner.

At SSD Solutions we will discuss the pros and cons of holding your hearing by video. Under certain circumstance, this may be a viable option while under others, it may not be advised. Each case is different. If you have question about video hearing, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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