If your offices are closed, will I still have my hearing? Yes. At this time, Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) are only able to conduct hearings by telephone until we resume our standard operations. Our hearing office staff will contact you or your representative in advance of your scheduled hearing to confirm your availability for a… Read More

Video Hearings at Social Security Increase Efficiency

 by Doug Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications If you received a denial on your application for Social Security benefits, and appealed to an administrative law judge, you may consider conducting your hearing through our remote video service delivery (VSD). VSD allows judges to hear cases from applicants in any geographic area using video and sound equipment.  Although… Read More

Inspector General Warns About New Social Security Benefit Suspension Scam

Posted on March 27, 2020 by Gail S. Ennis, Inspector General for Social Security he Social Security Office of the Inspector General has received reports that Social Security beneficiaries have received letters through the U.S. Mail stating their payments will be suspended or discontinued unless they call a phone number referenced in the letter. Scammers may then mislead… Read More

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Important Information about Social Security Services

All local Social Security offices will be closed to the public for in-person service starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020. This decision protects the population we serve—older Americans and people with underlying medical conditions—and our employees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, we are still able to provide critical services. Please read our press release to learn more,… Read More

Certain Disability Payments and Workers’ Compensation May Affect Your Social Security Benefits

by Mike Korbey, Deputy Commissioner for Communications Many people working nowadays have more than one job. This means they have several sources of income. It’s important to keep in mind that having multiple sources of income can sometimes affect your Social Security benefits; but, it depends on the source. Disability payments from private sources, such as… Read More

New Rule Modernizes How SSA Awards Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society. A successful disability program must evolve and support making the right decision as early in the process as possible. To help us do that, we must modernize the rules and standards we use to evaluate… Read More


YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY APPLICATION The Social Security Disability Application When it comes to filing your Social Security Disability Application, providing accurate and up to date information can make all the difference whether you will get approved or denied. What Information is Needed to File The application can be filed online, in person at the… Read More